Different Types of Pearls

"Whether natural or cultured the pearl is still one of the nature's creations"

Natural pearls are formed when an irritant such as a grain of sand enters the oyster's flesh causing it to screate 'nacre' arround it. Which in time forms a pearl. Cultured pearls are produced in pearl farms by inserting an irritant inside the oyster to stimulate the formation of a pearl.

Pearls are right for every mood and occasion. Pinkish tones and white flatter light skins or blonde hair, white golden tints enhance darker skin and hair tones. Exotic colours like green, black and lavender can be matched to the colour of a dress.

Different Types of Pearls:

pearl1arrow1 South Sea Pearls:
Cultured in the warm topical water of the Indian and Pacific ocean.
Akoya Pearls: Cultured in the seas arround Japan.
pearl3arrow1 Freash Water Pearls: produced inside mussles in the lakes of China and Biwa Lake in Japan.
Keshi Pearls: The irregular shape of Keshi magical. Its beauty is the result of the oyster not willing to accept the nucleus.
pearl5arrow1 Mabe Pearls: Large hemispherical pearls which grow against the inside oyster shells.